Sunday, September 30, 2007

September Net Worth Update

Looks like I had a bigger increase than last month, but I think that's more due to the markets being less volatile this month than much of anything else. Also, I'd actually be getting larger increases if I didn't include my car (since it's a depreciating asset), but like I said before, I'm choosing to leave it on until the loan is paid off. At that point I'll take the hit and remove it from my calculations.

I did manage to spend a lot less on dining out in September than I had in August, in large part by resolving to buy my lunch at work no more than once a week, but that's actually not reflected in my September net worth, since due to the fact that I use credit cards for almost all my expenses, most things take a month or two to impact my net worth. I did spend a lot this month on presents for various people and occasions and for theater tickets for my entire family for September (part of which will be given to them as presents and the other part I'll get reimbursed for), but those are things that are important to me, and I'll miss that money much less than I would if I had spent it on restaurant meals.

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